Aaron Wilson

Don Everly 

Up until the age of 13, Aaron’s main interests were football and wrestling. If he wasn’t kicking a ball he was throwing himself around the living room or doing summersaults off the garden shed! The whole family breathed a sigh of relief when he lost interest in sport and asked for an electric guitar for his 13th Birthday. Aaron was a determined and stubborn child and quickly taught himself to play the guitar, often spending hours at a time practising. It was apparent to all that he was a natural musician and soon turned his hand to other instruments including drums, bass and piano. He and his brother Luke formed their band ‘For(n)ever after’ where Aaron started out playing drums before taking on the role of lead guitarist and adding some backing vocals. In 2012 Aaron left school and enrolled in the Academy of Contemporary Music to study music production. By the time Aaron Left the Academy, both Luke and Aaron’s interest had moved on and they were looking for a new direction. They played local fetes and Charity events as a duo but had not yet discovered their harmonies.

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