Jarrod Loughlin

AV Designer & Director

"I'd read and kept Jarrod's c/v and when the bass guitar position became available, he seemed a 'shoe in'. He lives fairly close to me so we were able to meet easily and I could tell straight away he would be a big asset to the show. He'd experience in all styles of music and I soon discovered he has a knowledge of all things pop that's second to none. If I needed to phone a friend I'd call Jarrod (unless the subject is football).


He picks the original bass lines, which is so important in this show and he has a great ability to sing harmony and empathise with whoever else is singing. Add the lead vocals he excels in and his keyboard prowess and he's got TBTD written all over him! Oh, yes, that reminds me - he's also responsible for the audio visual aspect of the show on the screen behind the drums."

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