Lars Pluto

Boudleaux Bryant

Roy Orbison

Lars Pluto was born just outside Atlanta, Georgia to a family that was also a touring Southern Baptist Gospel Bluegrass group. They traveled the entirety of the southern highways of America and by age thirteen Lars had lived in just about every state south of the Mason Dixon Line.


"Music just was. It was everywhere when I was growing, rock n roll,'s all mixed up in the air down there. Kentucky left me with a certain sound; Tennessee left me with another. It gets in you in the South and you gotta get it out. You can't help it. Then we moved north to frozen Kalamazoo, Michigan. That's where I found rock and punk in the birthplace of the electric guitar."


A decade in New York City followed with Lars performing in several country and rockabilly bands before he moved to London. These days Lars can be found splitting his time between London rockabilly band The Boom Boom Booms, his own country combo Lars Pluto and The Reavers, and performing as Roy Orbison and Johnny Cash in the West End and several national touring theatre productions.

Favourite Everly Brothers song: "When Will I Be Loved"

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