In 2015 Luke and Aaron decided to record an Everly Brothers song as a surprise for their dad’s birthday, that song was ‘Bye, Bye Love’. The boys had grown up listening to the Everly Brothers as their dad and grandad were fans. Family and friends were blown away with the tight harmonies and suggested that the boys follow that style of music. Aaron uploaded one of their Everly Brothers covers to YouTube which was seen by the committee of the Everly Brothers International Fan club. This lead to the boys being invited to Holland to perform at the Fan Club’s 50th Anniversary concert in Leerdam. The sell-out crowd instantly took the Wilson Brothers into their hearts and on their return from Holland word quickly spread through social media sites. Everly fans were delighted that The Wilson Brothers were not only keeping the music alive, but also for the respect the boys had shown for their idols. The Wilson Brothers performed more and more as an Everly Brothers Tribute and were delighted when they were asked to audition for ‘Walk Right Back’. The rest as they say is history.

Luke & Aaron Wilson

The Everly Brothers

Luke Wilson

Aaron Wilson

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