"Leading up to 1986 I had begun to realise I had to change direction. Although successful, my act at the time 'Fizzical' had no long term future. When 

Fizzical were invited to be part of a Rock & Roll package show in 1985 it wasn't long before I had the idea which would turn into T.B.T.D.


Over the next few years we nursed it and rehearsed it. I've now directed 30 editions and 29 Xmas shows! I've enjoyed the ride and still have the best of times on stage. It's a pleasure to work with a bunch of talented people which makes my job easier.


It's always a challenge to change the show every year but it's been one of the main reasons for TBTD's continued success. Change is good, how else could we have progressed? As for retirement I'm not considering it. I remember meeting the great Bobby Charlton in Malta, we were having a chat after playing tennis and he said his one regret was retiring too early. He said being a manager was the next best thing but nothing gives you the thrill of playing. I won't make that mistake!"

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