‘Walk Right Back’ has been created by Ollie Gray and Trevor Payne, alongside several other members of the UK’s most successful Rock & Roll touring theatre show,’That’ll Be The Day.’ We’ve always been admirers of the Everly Brothers, and often featured them in our own production so we were already familiar with their unique sound. They are always very popular with our fans. Once we’d decided to take on this project we did our research on what is a most fascinating story.

There have been several theatre biop shows of the first Rock & Rollers - Elvis of course, Buddy, Jerry Lee and Roy, the big’O.’ But not one of the most successful duo of all time, the Everly Brothers.

This supreme vocal partnership has influenced pretty much every pop harmony group ever since. Beatles John and Paul, Simon and Garfunkel, rocker Dave Edmunds are amongst many who cite inspiration that came from Don and Phil. The brothers’ perfect vocal blend gave rise to the famous phrase describing their sound as “Harmonies from Heaven.”

Their songs had simple messages of hope, love and lost love - pop classics that resonated with both the record buying teenagers and older generations. We think you’ll be as amazed as we were to hear just how many beautiful songs that are featured in the show you remember, and that explains why the Everly Brothers remain as popular today as ever.

Their sound is quite simply timeless, and it’s such a great story. As Boudleaux Bryant once said, “The story of the Everly Brothers is the story of Rock & Roll itself.”